Edaphos Alder Springs Vineyard Trousseau 2019


This wine is a textbook example of the best Trousseau out there with mixed aromas of sour red berries, pine resin and an indescribable suggestion of salinity to top it all. At only 12% alcohol it is actually pretty assertive and vibrant on the palate. The sourness of the red fruit is fully revealed and framed by sharp acidity and medium dry tannins.

The yield varies greatly due to being a favorite of the local bear population. In 2019, we got a whopping 1.33 tons. It had been our desire to make this wine using carbonic fermentation and this year we had enough to fill our Concrete Egg. Joseph bucketed, all 2,666 pounds into  the Egg, and kept it sealed. It spent one month in the Egg without any opening. We shoveled it out, lightly pressed it in our basket press and combined the free run and press into neutral barrel and puncheon. The wine was racked before bottling unfined and unfiltered without the use of sulfur at any point of production.

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