Uniquely Napa

Uniquely Napa

Posted by Jennifer Williams-Bulkeley on Feb 12th 2021

Napa Valley is at the heart of American wine and has become a wine destination of choice for wine lovers from all over the world. I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Napa producers for many years, and I have often struggled with finding distinctive wines that express their place rather than their palate. There can be an argument that Napa Cabernet is often made to a style that the consumer identifies with as being distinctly from Napa, and there is certainly a premium attached to famed winemakers, vineyards and highly sought after allocations. Costs for land, labor, grapes and marketing all help to drive the retail pricing, it is luxury pricing for a perceived luxury brand.

My goal is to have a Napa portfolio that is diverse, surprising and offers relative value. There are three wines from Napa at ALLY that are part of a larger wine portfolio, each brand is as unique as the wines. There is not a formula, but rather high quality, individually sourced wines wrapped in their own branded blanket. Wine is big business, but the brands don't have to be one size fits all. Leviathan, Faust and Illumination are distinct entities and offer a broad swathe of what Napa is doing well and at price points that are approachable. Exploring these wines is a masterclass in the diversity that can emerge from a company that is focused on leveraging it's resources to support sustainability, personalized experiences and the voice of the winemaker. 

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