Pinot Party

Three Pinot Noir from very different sites in California.  Each wine shows it’s place and the versatility of Pinot Noir. Clos Saron, Home Vineyard, 2016 Sandar and Hem, Pinot Noir, 2020 Peay Vineyards, Scallop Shelf, 2019 (375ml)

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Pinot Party


Three bank holidays and one Coronation call for a proper party in May.  Our Pinot Party bundle is a great opportunity to compare and contrast three exciting Pinot Noir. The “Home” Vineyard Pinot Noir from Clos Saron is a true expression of all the hard work and attention the winemaker puts into overseeing the care of the vines, all while letting nature take it’s course. The “Home” Vineyard Pinot is deep and meaningful with beautiful damson and plum overtones. The wild flowers and nature that surround this incredible vineyard produces a Pinot Noir like no other. ]The Pinot Noir from Sandar and Hem in the Santa Cruz Mountains is an expression of higher elevation and the influence of the Pacific. Hints of the redwoods surrounding the vineyards resonate through the wine lifting the gorgeous purple fruit. Compare and contrast both with the single vineyard Scallop Shelf from Peay in 375 ml. These three wines could not be more different and the Pinot Party bundle will provide for a real opportunity to explore the varietal and the wonderful expressions coming out of the US.


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