Peay Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2018


This wine is a stunner. I tasted all the wines at one seating and the nose on this wine stood out. All I wrote the first time was... gorgeous. Aromas of orange rind, raspberry, violets, and hints of Christmas spice leap out of the glass. I kept going back to it over the two hours I tasted and it mellowed out a bit and the aromas coalesced into a wine I could just sit and smell all day. The flavors in the mouth are consistent with the smell and the fruit components are given ballast by earth, tea, and bark notes mixed with leather and anise seed. There is notable depth of flavor which should not surprise me as many barrels that usually go in Scallop Shelf, Ama or Pomarium are in this blend as we had plenty of Pinot noir due to healthy yields. This is a very 2018 Pinot noir; it has nerve while appearing robust. The finish adds a little dried blood and iron that Burgundy lovers are familiar with in their Pinot noirs. The tannins on the finish are present but silky and will soften with a little food.


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