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About ally wines

Ally Wines aims to bring you rare and delicious American wine from the most exciting winemaking areas in the United States.

About Our Wines

American Wine region trees on top of a fog enshrouded vin yard

Ally wines

ALLY allies with winemakers who share our mission to bring you rare and delicious American wine from the most exciting winemaking areas in the United States. Chosen based on quality, approachability, rarity and beauty all of our producers have something unique and special.


No great wine lacks quality. It is the essential DNA to the ultimate wine experience. Some wines have become popular for their eccentric qualities, however, we have chosen wines that are approachable, simply meaning the wines are likeable and tasty.


Rarity, by definition is one of a kind and we started this business because of the many small unknown wines in lesser known regions that needed serious attention. They are rare because they are rare, not because they are allocated or on a mailing list.


And lastly, beauty. All wines have a story. The raison d’être of the winemaker, or the heritage behind the land, all great American wine comes from a beautiful place, the heart. And that is what we want to share with you.

Ally Wines seeks to provide unbeatable quality for a fair price. They are utterly unique with many of our producers not making more than a few hundred cases of each wine. They are not mass produced and cannot be recreated year after year but will evolve with each new vintage. In fact well-made wine, particularly from cooler sites, with little intervention, often evolve like no other wine can.

About our producers

Autumnal image of vines stretching down the mountain of an Ally Wines producer vin yard

Cool wines from cool places made by thoughtful, kind and of course, cool, people. Our small production wines are made by dedicated farmers and committed estate hands, with one goal – to make beautiful, expressive wines that are reflective of their location and the purpose behind them.

Focusing on California, Oregon and Washington, ALLY exists to bring you the truly superior American wine emerging from these regions.

There are often preconceived ideas about American wine but the people that we work with create wine that is worlds apart from what most would think of as traditional for the USA. Ally Wines winemakers do not operate under many of the same regulatory constraints placed on the wider wine market, leaving them free to innovate and create wines based purely on instinct, experience, quality and beauty.

True winemakers always want to create wine from the land they know and love. They want to source the highest quality grapes from vineyards that have been cared for year in and year out. They want to bring their special places and experiences to their wines for all who are interested to enjoy.

Our producers are not just the wines we sell, they are our friends and people we admire. We have hand-selected every winery and winemaker to bring you their treasures from the earth.

About Jennifer

Three wine producers with wine glasses sitting in front of a vine

My name is Jennifer Williams-Bulkeley, and I have a profound appreciation for wine. Wine has brought me much joy and there is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about the amount of work and time that goes into making truly great wine. It is labour intensive and requires a deep commitment to caring for the vines and respect for the land they grow in.

Wine does not make itself and it takes years and years to produce.It requires friendship and relationships and an understanding of what good farming practices are. Much can happen in the winery, but it really all begins in the vineyard.

Ally wines

ALLY is a portfolio of wines that have moved me. I am protective of them and the winemakers and the places they come from. I have traveled for days and days, spent many hours visiting off the beaten path towns and have loved every minute of my travels. I am American but most of these places have been new to me, and I am amazed at all the geographic beauty within America. 

This is not the American wine narrative so much of the world takes on board. I have been invited to winemaker’s homes and met their families and tasted their wines in their infancy and in their prime.

I am grateful for their trust and their commitment to their craft. I am grateful for their time and patience. ALLY is about that story, the people out there making wine to share their experience and knowledge and all the good things wine can bring to so many.


I have some letters – DipWSET, or the diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. I have hosted private events for clients and winemakers all over the world. I have worked back of house, front of house, the bar, the coat room and I respect Chefs probably more than any professionals I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with.

I have spoken to large audiences about the power of wine as a connector and as an asset. I have been in big important publications and spoken on radio and TV. I encourage active management and enjoyment of wine.

Learn more about my cred on Linked In but call me if you would really like to know about me and my love of wine and the wonderful wine producers I am fortunate enough to work with.

Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQs or get in touch.

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New York

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Tasting Room and Curation Space

The Oxford Union, Frewin Court, Oxford, OX1 3JB

Join us at the 67 York Street
14th to 17th September

Cool Places. Cool Wines.