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Hotels and Restaurants

Our wines are a great fit for hotels and restaurants looking to offer something different and wholly unique. If you want to support your existing brands with curated, boutique wines that are expressions of the place that they come from, you are in the right place. The approachable nature of American wines makes them a wonderful complement to any menu. Our wines are available in a wide range of price points and lend themselves well to by the glass programs in addition to the all day wine menu. If you would like to book a tasting and consultation please do get in touch below, we are happy to travel and bring samples of any wine in our portfolio.

Wine List and Cellar Consulting

Whilst we would love our wines to be on your wine list or in your cellar, we recognise there are many high-quality American wines in the UK market. We can help on building a list that is balanced, economical and supportive of your Chef and team’s vision for reaching customers. If there is a hole in your cellar of American wines, let us round out your collection and make it truly global.


For our wine merchant friends we would love to share our wide range of American wines with your clients looking to explore the exciting offerings from the “New” New World. Should you wish to sample our wines please contact us below. We are happy to pour for you or send samples.

Corporate wine events

Are you an American company in the UK looking to share some of what America does best? Don’t underestimate the power of wine to bring clients and colleagues together. Let ALLY be part of your next corporate event. We can also organise special wine deliveries for those clients you are looking to send a thoughtful message to through wine.

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Tasting Room and Curation Space

The Oxford Union, Frewin Court, Oxford, OX1 3JB

Join us at the 67 York Street
14th to 17th September

Cool Places. Cool Wines.