Ernest Vineyards

About Ernest Vineyards

Ernest Vineyards have three different labels under the names Ernest, Eugenia and Edaphos. The Greek word Edaphos translates as dirt, soil, or ground; we chose this word because these wines are of their place. At Edaphos, winemaker Joe Ryan produces unique, small-lot, single-vineyard bottlings of remarkable varietals in California. The vineyards are located throughout Sonoma and Mendocino counties. The approach they take to create all their labels results in elegant, balanced and smooth wines.

What Ernest Vineyards Say

Today, the “Ernest” in our name stands for more than one man. It’s about integrity in the fruit we use and the people we know. It’s about restraint, about how ego drives nothing we do.


Picking and choosing our vineyard sites allows us to hold out for the very best grapes we can find. We then use those grapes to make the wine we want to make.


What Jennifer loves

Winemaker Joseph Ryan “Joey” is deliberate about his farming, his sites and his process. Joey is one of my true lights when it comes to understanding why real winemakers make wine. He is thoughtful, passionate and a joy to spend time with and his wine’s reflect his commitment.

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