Hatton Daniels

About Hatton Daniels

Hatton Daniels was formed over a few bottles of wine shared between friends. Recognising the talented winemaking skills of Daniel Fishman, his co-owners and friends John Hatton, Daniel Caddigan, and John Black pooled resources and pursued the shared vision of Hatton Daniels Wine Cellars.

The vision was that each vintage should speak for itself allowing each wine to have it’s own unique style.

What Hatton Daniels Say

Our philosophy has evolved to embrace the idea that the best way for a wine to express itself is to ensure that it is made from nothing but grapes, with no additions (other than a small sulfur addition to protect from oxidation in bottle). This means that the fruit needs to be picked early enough that it has plenty of natural acidity, and this leads to wines that are a bit lighter in style, but that are full of energy, and still have plenty of depth and complexity.

Hatton Daniels Vineyard

What Jennifer loves

Focused on traditional German varietals from the hit or miss vineyards of Lodi, these wines from Mokelumne Glen are outstanding expressions. Really fun to drink.

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