Peay Vineyards

About Peay Vineyards

Set on a 53-acre fog-enshrouded hilltop, on the West Sonoma Coast is the Peay Vineyard, owned and run by the Peay family.

Their aim is to make a wines that capture a sense of a place and people – wine that will ‘engage your belly and then seep up into your brain’. They believe it is essential to allow the vineyard to speak, when creating a wine.

What Peay Vineyards Say

For a wine to reveal its inner personality, the individual characteristics of the wine must be in harmony.

Peay Vineyard

I excitedly walked all over the parcel envisioning rows of vines. At high noon, a gentle breeze was persistently luffing my t-shirt making me shiver. The slopes were mostly gentle, the exposure ideal, and the local flora encouraging.

Andy Peay’s first impression of their family vineyard

What Jennifer loves

Pioneers in the formation of the West Sonoma Coast wine region and making beautiful cool climate expressions of Pinot Noir, Syrah and white Rhone varietals. Love these estate wines.

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