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Kiona Late Harvest Riesling 2022

Kiona Late Harvest Riesling 2022

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Acid balance is imperative when crafting world-class Late Harvest wine, and we’ve found that the Riesling from Olsen vineyard is ideally suited for that requisite trait. It’s got the ideal exposure, precipitation levels, and diurnal shift to produce this delicious, well-balance dessert wine. We’ve sourced Riesling from them for decades. Picked far into the growing season, this Late Harvest Riesling had plenty of time to develop exceptional flavor complexity and high sugar levels. The wine is cold-fermented to preserve fresh-fruit flavors and accentuate the site’s vibrant acidity while capturing a small amount of fizzante in every bottle. A 13.6% old-vine Gewürztraminer component from Ranch at the End of the Road (planted 1978) adds aromatic complexity and spice.

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Late Harvest

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Yakima Valley

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Olsen and Ranch at the End of the Road

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In 1975 our family planted one of the first vineyards in the Columbia Valley, an area now known for producing some of the world’s most powerful, opulent wines of distinction. For three generations we’ve worked together on our farm to grow exciting,
vineyard-driven wines that capture the essence of the Columbia Valley.

86.4% Olsen (Yakima Valley AVA)
13.6% Ranch at the End of the Road

13.6% Gewürztraminer

Branded microagglomerated technical
cork. Polylaminate capsule. Label design
by Transom, printing by Columbia Label.
1,754 12 x 750 mL cases.

“This is the only wine in our lineup that consistently features sourced fruit as the main component. The Olsen Riesling is so good it’s worth it to forego a ‘100% Estate Grown’ claim, just so we can use the material for Late Harvest Riesling.”

Olsen Riesling components machine-picked on 11/12 and 11/20, Ranch at the End of the
Road Gewürztraminer component machine-picked picked 10/27. Average residual sugar at
harvest: 226.5 g/L. 100% Stainless steel ferments (innoculated with Saccharomyces
cerevisiae “Epernay 2”) stopped on 11/28 (Gew.), & 02/01 (Ries.). No ML.

2022 was a vintage of two halves; cool to start, warm to finish. Compared to 2021, the first
three months of the 2022 ripening period had 17% fewer heat units, and the following
four months had 4% more. Overall, heat units during the April 1 – October 31st ripening
season showed a ~6.5% decrease. The cool start to the vintage resulted in a statewide
trend pushing many pick dates later into the fall. 2022 wines will showcase vibrant acidity,
deep color, lower alcohol levels, and excellent aging potential.

pH // 3.19 TA // 7.1 g/L GLU+FRU // 82 g/L ALC. // 8.4% VEGAN // Yes
RETAIL RELEASE // February 2023, $19 USD
FRUIT SOURCING // 86.4% Purchased Fruit, 13.6% Estate Grown


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