About Dunites

Dunites draw their inspiration from an eclectic group of 1930s metropolitan refugees, who settled in the beach dunes of San Luis Obispo county. These free thinkers shared meals, philosophised, and lived and express themselves freely outside of the cultural norms of the time.

Dunites goal is to produce pure and elegant wines that respect the coastal influence of vineyard sites located on the uplifted seafloor and ancient sand dunes of the SLO Coast.

What Dunites Say

We aim to craft wine of purity and freshness. Above all, they should be delicious.


We are a husband – wife team who combine our experiences to craft these wines. Together we have worked for over a dozen wineries and vineyards around the world where the people, cultures, and wines have influenced our approach to growing and making wine.


What Jennifer loves

Tyler and Rachel Eck are two of San Luis Obispo’s greatest ambassadors. Their circle of trust is wide and their wines reflect their access to great vineyards and Tyler’s talent as a winemaker.

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