Fine Disregard

About Fine Disregard

Fine Disregard Co, is the personal project of Mike Schieffer and Kara Maraden.

They focus on making wines that reflect California and its rich history, seeking out compelling vineyards (often old vines planted in interesting soils, preferably farmed organically), and practicing a philosophy of minimal intervention in all of their winemaking.

What Fine Disregard Say

WE’RE NOT IDEOLOGUES, but we are grounded in a philosophy of minimal intervention in every step of our winemaking – i.e. working with organically farmed vineyards whenever we can; picking physiologically ripe fruit early enough to avoid watering back and acidulation; fermenting spontaneously; ageing in used and neutral oak, etc.

Fine Disregard Vineyard

What Jennifer loves

For a guy who loves a tough sport like rugby, Mike Schieffer sure has a soft touch in his winemaking. His wines are effusive and a joy to drink. He takes nothing for granted and is purposeful.

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