About Shypoke

Shypoke wines are handcrafted and sustainably farmed on a century old family ranch.

Located in the northern end of the Napa valley, the ranch is situated on a bed of alluvial soil which creates fruit of unique character and elegance.

What Shypoke Say

Rooted in our family history, we craft wines that are both delicious and interesting. Above all, we work to make wines that we are proud to put on our table, as well as yours. The picking knife below belonged to Peter’s grandfather. It is featured on our label to signify the harmony of shypoke’s farming and winemaking practices.


What Jennifer loves

Peter Heitz is happiest when he is in the vineyards with his father. Shypoke wines show his commitment to farming, vines and the history of Napa. A top winemaker, a thoughtful person and fun to talk with.

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